Ma wen registration is "closed" not submitted to the speed of the sprint

From: Wenzhou marathon's official website
publisher: yangneng
Time: 2016-11-11

As of October 21, aokang international, 2016 wenzhou marathon registration work draws to a close,

Although the expanded scale, increased the number, but this year's enrolment is still the continuation of the first hot.

Up to now, has received from the domestic various provinces and cities and entry registration of 12 countries around the world,

Total to nearly 15000, will complete the registration work ahead of time.

Because the registration will be carried out after the literature review and the draw work,

So on the premise of full of 15000 people, will reserve appropriate allowance for optional.

The organizing committee to tell runners, to attend the aokang international, 2016 wenzhou marathon,

Please hurry up in wenzhou marathon's official website for registration.

Time signing up as of October 22 24:00!

The official website:

WeChat platform: the "wenzhou marathon" or "wzim2015"

Calls: 0577-88554858

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