Innovation in Science and Technology R & D of BXST

Time: 2017-07-03

Recently, Wenzhou Baoxiang Technology Co., Ltd. smart home appliances business technology research and development center was identified as the 13th batch of Wenzhou City Enterprise Technology R & D center. At the same time, the company WIFI intelligent protection socket, with a voltage protection of the USB socket, with warranty instructions voltage protector and other five products through the provincial new product identification, the expert identification, of which four new product technology level in the country Leading.

In recent years, Baoxiang focus on scientific and technological innovation, to product innovation around customer needs, strengthen the project management project management to help customers with difficult problems from hardware configuration to software design,.For the packaging design, the company invested a lot so that the strength of enterprise R & D and product technology have been greatly improved.

According to statistics, the company developed an average of 30 new models each year, a total of more than 10 products through the provincial new product identification, the national patent more than 70; the company has access to national high-tech enterprises, science and technology innovation enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou patent demonstration Enterprises and other dozens of awards in the domestic smart home appliances industry has a certain influence and market position.

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