Nanxi "road not far from people - saying not endless south huaijin" theme lecture

publisher: JACK
Time: 2017-07-12

This day is held at the grand hotel and the beginning of the outdoor study of the baoxiang durban committee. Mr South city as a master nan's youngest son, combined with personal experience and a large number of precious historical pictures, tells the story of his father's life experiences, and people skills perspective, restore a flesh and blood living generation master. He is used to call father teacher, borrow the south small shun brother is "a day for father, life for the teacher", we can find that Mr Master nan Dan tutor family precepts and research, the management idea, to future generations left a precious spiritual wealth. Is a grand master, but master nan confession, gratitude as essential daily homework, old age a solar eclipse plain style lets a person remember to a meal, to advocate hard work entrepreneurial spirit treasure xiang, this lecture is undoubtedly a spiritual baptism! The former moderator led the whole audience to read the body, the family, the state, the Confucian philosophy of the world is the best portrayal of the man's life ambition!


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