electrical socket outlet Professional Manufacturer

Group South American Voltage Protector
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment T/T
Update Time 2019-04-02
Item specifics
Work Voltage220V AC
Delay time3min
Under & Over Voltage170V~190V Adjustable
Over Voltage265V AC

 Electrical Socket Outlet Professional Manufacturer  

for refrigerator/water heater/Inductio n Cooker etc.

Product Features



Nominal Voltage

220V AC

Under Voltage

170V-197V AC

Operating Temperature








Delay Time

2-4 min

Output Power



Double Blister 52*47*37cm/50PCS  11kg




electrical socket outlet Professional Manufacturer

The main parts of this product:

The power input plug, load socket, status indication ,adjustable voltage part, 

the power switch .


 How does each part work?

1, Insert the plug of the power input power supply socket.

2, Protected product connecting the load socket.

3, Work status indicates:

A. When the green light is lit, the voltage is normal.

B. When "BAJO VOLTAJE" lamp for red, said the voltage is too low.

C. When "SOBRE VOLTAJE" lamp for red, said the voltage too high.

D. When the light is yellow, said the voltage is normal, is under a state of latency.

4,When the voltage is too low, part can be adjustable voltage to the voltage to 

170 V - 197 V.

5,When load product when not in use, but by the power switch to cut off the power supply.


electrical socket outlet Professional Manufacturer

  Delivery information:

1, The freight way: ocean freight, air freight.

2, Delivery time: within a month from the date of the contract.

3, Advance deposit of 30%.



1,Children do not touch.

2, Well protected against dampness, fire prevention.

 Why users like?

1, When the voltage or current exceeds rating, power socket will cut off the power supply to avoid family combustion.

2, It is widely used in: TV, computer, refrigerator, air conditioning (less than 5000 British thermal unit), water pumps, etc.

3, Appearance is small, easy to carry, easy to operate.



electrical socket outlet Professional Manufacturer