2016 new style air condition voltage protector , high voltage protector , avs voltage protector

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Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2017-02-13
Item specifics


Operating Voltage220V AC
Operating Frequency50 Hz-60 Hz
Under Voltage Cut-off 165V AC
Over Voltage Cut-off 260V AC
Hysterises For Cut-off3V to 5V AC
Start-up /Delay Time5S/3M
HVP R255V±2V
LVP R163V±2V
Max Ambient45℃
Output Capacity13A ,2860W

blister 71X40X32/50PCS  8KG               

Other packing:gift box.plastic box


The main parts of this product:

The powerinput plugload socketstatus indication,delay time selection switch.

How does each part work?

1. insertthe plug of the power input power supply socket.

2.protected product connecting the load socket.

3.workstatus indicates:

A. when the first lamp for redsaid the voltage is too low;

B. when the second lamp for redsaid the voltage too high;

C. when the three light is litthe voltage is normal;

D. when the four lamp for yellowsaid the voltage is normalis under astate of latency.

E. when the five light is lit,said the protector in the warranty period.

Delivery information:

1. the freight way:ocean freightair freight.

2.delivery time:within a month from the date of the contract.

3.advance deposit of30%.


1. children do nottouch;

2.well protectedagainst dampnessfire prevention.

 Why users like?

1.when the voltage orcurrent exceeds ratingpower socket will cut off the powersupply to avoid family combustion;

2. it is widely usedin: TVcomputerrefrigeratorairconditioning (less than 5000 British thermal unit)waterpumpsetc.;

3. appearance is smalleasy to carryeasy to operate simple.