Never power cut off change over switch

Group Change over switch(ATS)
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2017-06-23
Item specifics


Working Voltage240VAC-50Hz
Protect Voltage100V-300VAC
Working Way3 Way
Rated Current30A  
Mechanical LifeAbove 1000000 Times
Protection IP44
Packinggift box 42X32X37/30PCS 9.6kg

Never power cut off change over switch

The main parts of this product:

Input terminals(L1/L2/L3) and output terminals(OUT), terminal of ground(N) and status indication panel.

How does each part work?

1. The main power supply circuit in the L1 on the side.

2.Vice power lines will pick up on L2 and L3.

3.The output circuit in the "OUT" side .

4.The ground in the "N" on the side.

3.workstatus indicates:

A. when “L1" light is lit,said that is the main power supply line input.

B. when "L2"or"L3" light is litsaid that is vice input power lines ;

C. when "warranty" light is litsaid the switch is in the warranty period.

Never power cut off change over switch

Delivery information:

1. the freight way:ocean freightair freight. time:within a month from the date of the contract.

3.advance deposit of30%.


1. children do nottouch;

2.well protected against dampnessfire prevention.

Never power cut off change over switch

Why users like?

1.power supply circuit can automatically switch between the main road, vice line.

2. it is widely usedin multiple power lines input environment.

3. appearance is smalleasy to carryeasy to operate simple.

Never power cut off change over switch