Hot selling 2016 surge protector/ lightning protection/voltage protector

Group Middle East Voltage Protector
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Update Time 2017-01-16
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The main parts of this product:

The power input plug, load socket, status indicators, digital tube display,delay time option buttons.

How does each part work?

1.the power input plug in the socket .

2.protected product connecting load socket. tube display screen can display the current working voltage. the button can be set by delaying time delay time is 5 seconds or 3 minutes.

5.workstatus indicates: (From left to right )

A.when the first lamp for redsaid the delay time is 5 seconds;when it for green,said the delay time is 3 minutes .

B. when the second lamp is litsaid the protector in the warranty period ;

C. when the three lamp is litsaid the voltage is normal;

D. when the four lamp is yellowsaid the voltage is normalis under astate of latency;

E. when the five lamp for red,said the voltage is too high;

F. when the six lamp for red,said the voltage is too low.

Delivery information:

1. the freight way:ocean freightair freight. time:within a month from the date of the contract.

3.advance deposit of30%.


1. children do nottouch;

2.well protected against dampnessfire prevention.

Why users like?

1.when the voltage orcurrent exceeds ratingpower socket will cut off the powersupply to avoid family combustion;

2. it is widely usedin: TVcomputerrefrigeratorairconditioning (less than 5000 British thermal unit)waterpumpsetc.;

3. appearance issmalleasy to carryeasy to operatesimple.